Facts About Holywings Business

Facts About Holywings Business – Holywings is one of the hangout places in the form of bars and clubs. Holywing became very famous because of the many branches in Jakarta. The following are facts about the Holywings business that you should know

1. Established since 2014

Quoting from its official website, Holywings was founded in 2014 and was founded by a company called PT Aneka Bintang Gading. The company is known to have three products, namely Holywings Bar, Holywings Club and Holywings Restaurant.

The physical form of Holywings was finally officially established in 2015. Holywings now has branches in several big cities such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Serpong, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar.

Facts About Holywings Business

2. The forerunner of Holywings is a fried rice shop

Holywings Co-Founder, Ivan Tanjaya told about the beginning he and his four colleagues founded Holywings in the ‘MICAN’ program which was broadcast on Holywings’ official YouTube. Ivan himself previously had run many businesses, ranging from being a property rental broker while studying in Beijing, buying and selling Polaroids, to becoming a toy distributor.

However, unfortunately the fried rice shop only lasted for three months. Ivan stated that from a business perspective, his shop failed to develop.

“The first month, for example, Rp. 100 million, the second month 70, the third month 50. Immediately we take a thousand steps, so there are Jeki, Marvin, and Kevin (three other Holywings founders),” he said.

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3. Holywings’ business idea came from a bar in Beijing

After failing with his fried rice shop, Ivan then discussed with Eka to change the business concept they wanted to run. From the discussion, Ivan got a concept that was in accordance with what he learned in Beijing, China. The concept is to combine drinking while eating and accompanied by live music.

From this idea emerged the concept of Holywings which sells chicken wings as a main snack in addition to alcoholic beverages and live music performances. As for the chicken wing menu, the man who was born in Toli Toli admitted that he was part of one of the menus at his first Opa Shop.

4. Holywings name is inspired by Holycow

One of the surprising facts that Ivan conveyed was related to the naming of Holywings. The Raffles University Beijing graduate admitted that the name Holywings was inspired by the Holycow steak restaurant.