Flood of Sentiment for the Stock Market Next Week

Flood of Sentiment for the Stock Market Next Week

Flood of Sentiment for the Stock Market Next Week –  stocks are currently being discussed by people as an easy way to get a profit by investing in several stocks that are indeed trusted.The pace of the stock market in trading next week will be flooded with issues originating from within the country and abroad.

The stock market will still affect the increase in cases of COVID-19 infection in various US states and the potential for semi-lockdowns and delays in economic opening.Market players will also await the third quarter financial report, especially companies engaged in technology.

The market appreciates the development factor of the COVID-19 vaccine from various multinational companies which is getting more positive from time to time.

The Indonesian capital market has varied movements. However, it still shows positive data. The increase occurred in the stock exchange market capitalization, amounting to 0.97 percent or IDR5,885.438 trillion compared to last week’s IDR5,828.776 trillion.

This was followed by an increase in the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) of 0.96 percent at the level of 5,079.585 from the level of 5,031,256 in the previous week. The average daily transaction frequency experienced a change of 8.58 percent to 604,425 thousand transactions compared to last week’s 661,177 thousand transactions.

Then a change of 2.69 percent in the average daily transaction volume of the stock exchange became 8.521 billion units of shares compared to last week’s 8.757 billion units of shares. The average daily market transaction value on the stock exchange also experienced a change of 12.62 percent to IDR6.943 trillion from IDR7.946 trillion at last week’s close.