Stock Trading App Suitable For Beginners

Stock Trading App Suitable For Beginners

Stock Trading App Suitable For Beginners – Stocks are one of the most sought after and desired types of stock trading by traders, trading shares promises to be profitable.

Stock trading is one type of investment that is now loved by many people because the potential profits tend to be greater than other types of investments. In addition, technological advances also encourage the world of stocks to play even more sophisticated.

One example is the presence of a stock trading application where those who are interested in investing can now easily do so via a smartphone.

1. Stockbit

Unlike most stock trading applications, Stockbit originally came as a social trading platform where stock players could share information about the stock world. Therefore, Stockbit is the most recommended for beginners who need more in-depth knowledge about stock investing.

Not only as a place for discussion, Stockbit can now also be used as a place to buy and sell shares directly. Then, there is also a virtual trading feature where users can do a demo with real time data movements on the BSI or the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

2. Indopremier IPOT

One of the main selling points of Indopremier is that users can start playing stocks with minimal capital. Even users can create an account without a minimum deposit. Indopremier is also one of the pioneers of online stock trading that can help its users grow through the training and seminars provided.

The features offered by Indopremier are quite numerous and easy to use by all types of investors. The account list in this application is also completely online and there is a CS that can be contacted via Telegram.

3. MOST – Mandiri Online Stock Trading

MOST – Mandiri Online Stock Trading is a stock trading application from Mandiri Sekuritas that comes with a simple and beginner-friendly UI. The minimum initial deposit set by MOST is indeed quite large, but it is worth the number of advantages offered. Some of these include online customer registration, a complete collection of mutual funds, face-to-face and online training support and full access to daily research results from reliable Mandiri Sekuritas analysts.

4. BIONS – BNI Sekuritas Innovative Trading System

Just like MOST, BIONS is also made by one of the state-owned or government-owned banks, namely BNI. A clean and easy to navigate UI appearance is one of the advantages of this application. Then, those who are foreign to the trading world can also use a trial account to try trading without real money.

BIONS comes with fairly complete features, but as with MOST, the minimum deposit is quite large. Then, there are also salespeople who can help in the process of selling shares and the investment money can also be “entrusted” in mutual funds.

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5. Magic

Ajaib is a new stock trading application belonging to the Ajaib Group which houses two companies, namely Ajaib Mutual Funds and Ajaib Sekuritas. In its application, Ajaib not only provides stock investments but also mutual funds.

That way, users don’t have to bother using two different applications if they are interested in these two types of investments. In addition to suggesting which products are the most profitable, Ajaib can also provide notifications regarding the best time to buy and sell shares. For those who are just learning stocks, this is highly recommended.


The last one is POEMS ID owned by Philip Sekuritas. This is one of the favorite stock trading applications for investors and traders. Through this application, you can not only trade stocks, but also sell or buy mutual funds.

Stock prices can also be monitored in real time through this application and there are also various interesting features to help investors. One of them is SMARTPlan Saham where users or customers can buy shares on a regular basis. Plus, POEMS ID is also working with BSI for the Capital Market School program.